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SIS Group


Responsible & sustainable leather goods manufacturer for over 30 years. 
Over the years, we have developed our expertise while constantly protecting the following values :



Finding new ideas and original solutions to everyday challenges.

  • Seeking solutions: no criticisms without proposals.
  • Selecting the best ideas and ensuring that they are implemented.
  • Daring to offer ideas.
  • Creating a trusting relationship (everyday management attitudes) to encourage creativity and suggestions: listening to colleagues or employees and providing a precise answer within a set time.
  • Regularly suggesting actions or ideas, spontaneously or on request, to make general improvements.


Sharing risks and successes. Fostering a climate of trust and friendship with our customers and suppliers.

  • Addressing the real situation with customers and suppliers: transparency and honesty.
  • Developing a climate of friendliness and simplicity inside and outside the company.
  • Caring and remaining approachable.


Developing a team spirit and mutual assistance among our employees.
Helping employees feel they are responsible for and are making a real contribution to the company’s success.

  • Fostering team communication.
  • Allotting time for sharing opinions and ideas.
  • Accepting other people the way they are and trying to understand them.
  • Making group decisions.


The result of a balance between sound financial health and the ability to develop our assets.
Knowing how to seize every opportunity and take measured risks.

  • Committing to the indicators and targets set every day.
  • Accepting and defending the need to be efficient (reducing waste) and make savings.
  • Striving to consider opportunities as a blessing.

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