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Human Ressources approach

Social Responsibility at SIS

RH approach


An innovative recruitment method devised in partnership with the employment centre.

After a group briefing coordinated by the employment centre, there is an initial selection process using a recruitment simulation method lasting 5 hours. This specific method was developed by the employment centre with the help of experienced SIS operators.

4 skills are required:

  • Dexterity
  • The ability to maintain concentration
  • The ability to follow instructions
  • Teamwork

This is a non-discriminatory selection process where candidates can apply regardless of their job history. If the candidate completes the exercises successfully, an additional motivation interview takes place to validate the candidate's professional goals. After this first step, the candidate will be able to join an 11-week course at Avoudrey Leathercraft training centre (École de Maroquinerie d’Avoudrey - E.M.A) where training is provided by our workshop operators.

The centre is jointly coordinated and trainees are supervised by consultants at Ressources 2. Future E.M.A trainees join SIS as trainees under the national vocational training programme.

RH approach




It is important to pass on our passion to young graduates at the beginning of their professional careers. This includes providing sandwich course contracts (apprenticeships, vocational training contracts) or internship agreements for trainees.

Without any particular limits, each year we offer job openings in a range of departments: supply chain, human resources, security, sales, maintenance, leather goods production, etc.
Interviews take place over half-days to find our future talents and offer them a place at SIS.

In 2014 and 2015 around 40 trainees and 30 apprentices joined SIS !





As part of its social values, SIS created the HANDI + project to support the employment of people with disabilities. 
On January 27, 2014, we signed a pact with Direccte  as part of the Regional Plan for Disabled Workers (PRITH).
SIS is committed to helping people with disabilities gain employment and keeping them in employment.

In 2014, over 6% of the company’s employees were people with disabilities!






All new arrivals at the company are immediately teamed up with a ‘mentor’.
This person is there to help the new employee adapt and get to know the company.

This mindful, educational approach is implemented in all our departments where the priority is to share knowledge and ideas. This approach is tailored to each new employee.

Our values and our approach prioritize:

  • Listening: Learning comes from sharing and reciprocity. The ‘mentors’ make themselves available. They are helpful and caring towards the new employee.
  • A personalized approach: We adapt to each person’s skill level and learning pace.
  • Hands-on experience (specific to leatherworkers): This is a big part of the learning phase. Explanations, demonstrations and hands-on experience are the necessary steps for successful integration. Abilities are continuously assessed to make improvements and quickly gain the necessary professional skills.


Validating further training throughout your professional career.


We value versatility and skills improvement, which is why we created an in-house programme called the POLY+ programme.

This programme was mainly designed for production staff but can also be used in other departments.

On the luxury leather goods market, customers are constantly seeking new products and new collections, which means our employees must be very flexible and constantly able to adapt.

SIS has evolved in this environment, organized its methods accordingly and is able to count on the versatility of its staff. It is also fortunate to have a purpose-built structure to provide ongoing staff training.

POLY + is a training tool first developed to train new employees, but then adapted to train employees throughout their career at the company. It involves the creation of new training courses and ongoing skills development for the training staff.

This programme helps employees develop skills in the company and significantly improves their versatility, enabling them to reach a higher level of qualification.

At the same time, the programme aims to help employees branch out to our different sectors: leather bags & accessories, watch straps, leather trimmings.


“We value our employees’ development, entrepreneurship and self-fulfilment, as they are the driving force behind our collective success”.

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