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Brutus dog's concept

A think tank and brain trust sharing ideas to serve our customers.




To test and materialize new technologies discovered in our design office or product department, SIS invented an internal virtual brand: Brutus dog's!
Brutus dog's is an opportunity to present new manufacturing processes, new materials, techniques and trends to our customers. Brutus is a non-commercial brand.


Who better than Brutus to represent our philosophy and reflect what we want to say to customers?

“Under his gruff exterior, Brutus is actually a warm and loyal companion.  Not just any dog, Brutus is original and unique! He is lively and very inquisitive, and open-minded about the people and things around him. With his perfectly honed intuition, his aim is to seek out the latest trends and quickly find the best ideas or solutions. Sometimes it seems like he has a sixth sense that enables him to anticipate what customers want. Like any good dog, Brutus is a loyal, caring companion who is respectful of the confidentiality of the projects he is given”.


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