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Good, wholesome food in the workplace 

Just like exercising, eating well is essential to everyone’s well-being.
We therefore decided it was vital to create a catering service for our employees.



In 2015 we built two restaurants for our employees in France, managed in partnership with catering company ELIOR, which are more than just staff cafeterias. This company has decades of experience and was able to meet our needs and adapt to the specific economic and social context of our company. We share the same dynamics and the same values, which has genuinely helped the project to be a success.



For a number of years we made specific areas available to our staff to enjoy their meals at work. We wanted, however, to go that extra mile for greater comfort and convenience. In 2014, the company decided to embark on this adventure and create a restaurant on both sites. 

The idea was to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere and stop employees from having to worry about planning meals for the next day. This means that lunchtime is a truly relaxing break in an ideal, cosy setting with modern decor, conducive to discussion and sharing.



“As with all social projects at SIS, we value the involvement of our staff and individual initiatives.”

Employees are therefore encouraged to get involved and express their opinions. For our restaurants, we really wanted to get this idea across by going much further and creating steering groups. This is why we created 5 specific restaurant committees, composed entirely of SIS employees to follow the entire project from validating architectural designs to choosing the crockery and decor. This teamwork helped employees to make this project their own and experience the adventure as a group.



Using a company like ELIOR means we are perfectly on par with our values as responsible and sustainable leather goods manufacturers.

We offer our employees:

  • Balanced meals.
  • Foods selected according to a strict quality charter.
  • Ingredients from local suppliers and seasonal products.
  • An affordable solution for a reasonable meal budget.

And last but not least, a recycling and waste reduction programme is also in place and monitored at both our restaurants.

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