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Supply chain

The SIS Group nerve centre

The supply chain department guarantees seamless operations before and after all our production activities.

Our supply chain department operates at the heart of the company, lending support and ensuring that all the various operations run smoothly, for successful product development. 

Its main tasks are: 

  • Monitoring suppliers (prospecting new vendors).
  • Choosing and approving new suppliers (supplier audits).
  • Negotiating purchasing conditions.
  • Quality control of raw materials or sourced products (incoming goods).
  • Devising procurement schedules.
  • Overseeing manufacturer and supplier procurement policies (deadlines, quality, costs). 
  • Negotiating contract terms up to order completion.
  • Finalizing calls for tenders, preparing specifications and purchase orders.
  • Handling the international supply chain (import and export regulations and processes, etc.).
  • Handling supplies to our sites in France, China and Madagascar.
  • Managing on-site subcontracting.
  • Coordinating the material cutting workshop (Prep 1).


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