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Guaranteeing the use of compliant materials & components

To meet our testing needs, we use either our own in-house laboratory in France or independent laboratories. Tests are carried out on the basis of internal specifications or customer-specific requirements. 



Our Avoudrey site in France has a laboratory capable of performing a variety of tests on materials and components. 

The following tests are performed in our laboratory: UV Tests, dry and wet friction tests, Polyservice tests, soiling tests, climatic chamber tests, tension-torsion, etc.

Chemical and mechanical tests are outsourced to independent laboratories in Switzerland (*) or the CTC (technical leather centre) in Lyon and Hong Kong or Italy (**). On request from our customers, we undertake to comply strictly with their requirements and provide a detailed analysis report. These different tests are carried out either during the development phases or by taking samples of the different materials received.

Metallo testsDubois laboratory.

** Certest


To complete our quality process, we perform analyses on all materials, substances and products involved in the production of our bags and accessories, watch straps and trimmed items. 
Precise analyses are performed to identify any chemicals listed in the REACH regulation or that are potentially dangerous for our operators or the end user of the product.
We perform spot checks coordinated by our Quality department in addition to systematic analyses.

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