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Leather good

Leather bags, small leather items and accessories

 Whether we are working from a blank sheet of paper or to technical specifications, we offer our customers the chance to realize and produce large-scale volumes of leather goods such as bags, wallets, purses and other accessories made of leather and various other materials (fabric, synthetic materials, etc.).

To develop ideas, create the initial models and launch the production line, our prototype designers and developers work closely with the technical data and methods department. The projects we receive are overseen by a project coordinator who liaises between the customers and our various departments.  During this development and finalisation phase, our quality department is in charge of risk analysis, in-process quality and end product quality.

Several types of products are created in our workshops in France, Madagascar and China, including:

  • Large leather items: bags, handbags, clutch bags, small travel bags, etc.
  • Small leather items: wallets, purses, card holders, phone or tablet cases, cigar cases, etc.
  • Accessories: key chains, leather jewellery, home decor, office accessories and other everyday items.

Our leather goods business primarily serves luxury brands or customers wishing to create business gifts to reflect their company’s image.

We offer our customers the choice of producing all of these leather goods either entirely in France or on our production sites in China and Madagascar. There is also a third possibility, mixed production, whereby part of production takes place on our Madagascar site and the finishing touches are made in France.

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