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A different kind of daycare

30 babies and toddlers (24 children of company employees and 6 other children) currently thrive in a beautiful nursery created by SIS in 2013 and run by the Association Familles Rurales.



Like public nurseries, our company nursery is open to children aged between 3 months and 3 years. Our daycare service is unique in that it adapts to the needs of the parents working in our company. Given the shortage of childcare facilities and childminders, there are more and more nurseries like ours in France, partly thanks to national social policies supporting this type of initiative.



SIS has grown considerably over the past 5 years. More than 400 new employees have been hired on our French sites, most of whom are young women.

In the spirit of our philosophy as a ‘Sustainable and Responsible Company’, we decided to make things a little easier for our employees by opening our own nursery to let parents go back to work as soon as they need to after maternity leave, to start every workday stress-free.

How many mums are forced to stop working due to childcare problems? This new initiative aims to promote well-being in our employees and so prevent absenteeism.

This is quite a strong argument for working at SIS, despite the high labour demand from our Swiss neighbours less than 20 miles away.
A substantial salary will never outweigh the joy of knowing your child is just a short walk from your workplace.

This is very reassuring for parents, who realize that this service is a considerable advantage. In its pioneering role, SIS even offers a nursing room for mums who wish to maintain this bond with their child while at work.



 Not only do we strive for the well-being of our employees, we also create indirect employment. When the nursery opened, 1 manager and 7 early years educators, nursery nurses and assistants were hired on permanent contracts.

SIS is very attached to its values of sustainability and responsibility, and the well-being of the babies and toddlers is paramount. The nursery is equipped with a laundry room with low-energy professional appliances. The layout of the nursery, furniture and playground were specially designed by an architectural firm that chose to use environmentally friendly materials.

Our nursery hopes to quickly introduce an eco-friendly policy including organic meals, natural cleaning products and baby care products, washable nappies, etc. This eco-friendly approach is very much supported by the parents.



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